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Equipment list

d&b audiotechnik C, J, Q, T & V systems available on request

Mixing Consoles

Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing system includes
A&H S3000 mixing control surface & local rack(1)
A&H DM32 stage rack (32 input/16 output)(1)
A&H DX168 stage rack (16 input/8 output)(2)
A&H Redundant power supplies

A&H Qu-16 digital mixing console(1)

Allen & Heath GL3300 4-32C including redundant PSU
Allen & Heath GL2200 24 channel(1)
Allen & Heath GL2200 16 channel(1)
Allen & Heath 16:2 MixWiz(1)
Mackie 1402 VLz(1)

System Controllers

EV DC-ONE 2 in - 6 out(2)
Yamaha D2040 2 in - 8 out(1)
DBX 480 DriveRack 4 in - 8 out(1)
Peavey IDL1000 - 2 in - 3 out dedicated delay lines(1)


Graphic Equalizers

BSS FCS966 Opal constant Q(10)
Yamaha 2031b(4)



Klark Teknik DN500(2)
DBX 160a (2)
DBX 166a (4)
DBX 166xl(10)



Drawmer DS201(2)
DBX 1074 quad gate(2)



Lexicon PCM 91(1)
Lexicon PCM 80(1)
Lexicon PCM 60(1)
TC Electronics M1(2)
TC Electronics D2(2)



Tascam CD-U01 pro (4)
Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD player(1)
Denon C615-N Single CD Player(2)
Tascam CD-A500(1)

Sony MD330 Mini Disc(1)
Sony MZ-R410 MD Walkman(1)


Wireless Microphone Systems

Shure UHF-R4D+ receivers(8)
Shure UHF-R4D+ hand held transmitters(8)
Shure SM58 head(8)
Shure beta 58 head(4)
Shure SM87 head(4)
Shure beta87a head(2)

Shure UHF-R4D+ belt-packs(8)
Shure beta53 headset(4)
Mipro MU-55 slim line headset(10)
Shure WL93 lapel microphones(6)
Shure 6.5mm - TA4 leads(6)

Shure UA820WB 1/2 wave aerial(20)
Shure UA830WB booster(2)
Shure UA870SWB paddles(2)


Cabled Microphones

Shure beta 52(3)
Shure beta 56a (inc. a56d drum mounts)(8)
Shure SM 57(16)
Shure beta 57 original(1)
Shure beta 57a(2)
Shure SM 58(16)
Shure beta58(4)
Shure beta91A(2)
Shure beta98D/S(8)
Shure 819 PZM(4)

AKG C451 EB original(8)
AKG C3000(20)
AKG C3000b(4)
AKG C214(2)
AKG C414 B-ULS(2)
AKG D112(1)

Sennheiser MD421 MkII(4)
Sennheiser 527(2)

Crown LM300AL Lectern microphone(550mm)(4)
Audix TR40 measurement microphone(1)


Direct Injection Units

BSS AR133(6)
BSS AR116(2)
LA Audio DI2 Mach 2(4)
SCV DI Box II(4)
DOD stagehand 265(6)


Microphone Stands

Beyer Dynamic Black Telescopic Tall Boom(6)
Beyer Dynamic Black Telescopic Medium Boom(4)
K&M Black Telescopic Tall Boom(18)
K&M Black Telescopic Medium Boom(12)
K&M Silver Telescopic Tall Boom(6)
K&M Silver Telescopic Medium Boom(6)
Solid round base straight(12)
Sold base kick drum stands(4)
Hi hat mounting systems(2)
Shure A56d drum mounts(12)
LP Claws(4 x short, 2 x long)


Power Amplifiers

QSC PL2 224(2)
QSC PL2 236(16)
QSC PLX 2402(4)
QSC PLX 3402(2)


Speaker Cabinets

EV XLD281 - 3 way - 120deg - compact line array(12)
including EV proprietary certified flying system

JBL Array 4892 - 2 way - 45deg - point source(4)
including JBL proprietary S.A.F.E. modular, certified flying system

Australian Monitor NRG 500 - passive - 100deg - point source(4)
including certified flying system

Australian Monitor SL/AM sub cabinets(4) - double 15

RCF 310a powered 10 & horn(8)
including certified flying system

Mackie SW1501 powered single 15(2)

K&M inter-connect poles(4)
K&M dual mounting brackets(4)
K&M steel speaker stands with covers(16)

Near Field
Yamaha MS101II(2)


Stage Monitors

Australian Monitor F300B floor monitor(14) - concentric 15 and 1 inch concentric horn

Flying systems

JBL Proprietary S.A.F.E. modular, certified flying system
2.4 tonne truss mount fly points(8)
1 tonne slings(2)
2 tonne slings(2)
2 tonne tie down straps(4)


Comms Systems

Jands EZicom 100 talkback substations(5)
Jands EZicom 200 talkback master station(1)
Jands EZicom 300 squawk box(2)

Beyerdynamic DT280 single muff headset(3)
Beyerdynamic DT280 double muff headset(3)
Gamma LH 075 double muff headset(4)

4 x Uniden hand held 2 way radio with local mic extension

Wireless comms available on request

Multicore Systems

Digital Core
80m Eurocable CAT5e(1)
40m Eurocable CAT5e(1)
20m Eurocable CAT5e(1)

Standard Core
45m 28 way with 28 way monitor split(1)
30m 28 way(1)
50m 12 way(1)
30m 12 way(1)

70m 54 way with monitor split available on request

3 Phase Power Dist.

Roadcased 32 amp 5 pin 3 phase power distribution board including earth leakage(1)
Jands PDS12 including earth leakage(1)

30m 32 amp extension lead(2)
20m 32 amp extension lead(2)
10m 32 amp extension lead(1)

10m sections of 600mm x 8mm rubber cable cover(4)
1m sections of cable guard(12)


Additional Information

All electronic equipment supplied by Pua Audio Systems includes the current "Test & Tag" requirement.

Pua Audio Systems carries $20,000,000.00 public liability insurance.Verification available on request.